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Sergey Jelezky


1960- was born in Omsk, Russia

1967-1978- Secondary Comprehensive School, Omsk

1974-1978- Arts School, Omsk

1985-1989- Omsk Technological Institute

 since 1990  has lived in Germany

1997-1998- AMD Fashion Design Academy, Hamburg, Germany

2001-2002- AEP Electronic Publication Academy, Hamburg, Germany


Sergey Jelezky

Is founder and stable participant of Wanderer group. The direction in which the painter works is at the junction of postmodernistic and surrealistic concepts of image- development. The painter actively applies esoteric knowledge in his creative method.

The events, happenings in the world being created by the painter, testifies the fact that he does not target building an aesthetic or commercial creative line, he is creating the space of independent visual ideas and irrealities that are closest to him in terms of spirit and subconsciousness.


A.D. Mikhailyuta, fine arts critic



Selected exhibitions

1992 Gallery Limpopo, Hamburg

1993 Studio Wehler, Hamburg

1995 Zeise- Halle, Hamburg

1996 Cinema Home, Hamburg

1996-2001 „ElbArt“, Hamburg

1996 “New ART”, München

1997 “Cinema and Art”, Cinema Home, Hamburg.

1998 “The beauty receive the world” The Gallery, Hamburg.

1999 Galerie XL-99, Paris.

1999 Fine Art Gallery, Cannes.

2000 „Librart“, Belgien.

2000 KX „Verrückkungen“, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

2002 Galerie „Imagine“,  Hamburg.

2003 „Art-Manege“,  Moscou, Russia.

2003 ZDH, Moscou, Russia.

2004 Saint Genevieve des Bois, France
2005 Parma, Italy

2006 Kunststätte Bossard,Jesteburg

2006 Handelskamer , Hamburg

2006 Galerie »Om », Hamburg

2011 Statliche Kunstmuseum Omsk / Russland

2012 DarArt / Hamburg

2016 Galerie »Om », Hamburg

2019 Art-Festival «  Hamburg zeigt Kunst « 

2019 Galerie Nebelfeld, Hamburg

2019 Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam. Holland

2019 Marziart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg

2021 Hamburg zeigt Kunst

2022 Cruise Center Altona 

2023 Hamburg zeigt Kunst


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